Meine gefundenen Caches - Fund Nummer 6247

Ordo Praedicatorum Praga (GC3XHD0)

Cachetyp: Multi     Schwierigkeit (D):     Geländewertung (T):     Dosengröße: Micro

Versteckt am 2013-01-27 von Aranyafëa in Hlavni mesto Praha in Hlavni mesto Praha (Czech Republic).

Von mir am 2013-09-07 gefunden und wie folgt geloggt:


When a part of our caching group was taking a look at the Klementinum the rest made this cache in the meantime. At Stage 1 we've seen a wonderful church and haven't any problem to answer the question.
Stage 3 was a little difficultier. So we guessed a wrong animal at the first time, tried the other too and then, there we found the cache.

Thanks for the cache and greetings from Oberasbach near Nuremberg, Germany