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Virtual Kurtenhof (GCGCFM)

Cachetyp: Virtual     Schwierigkeit (D):     Geländewertung (T):     Dosengröße: Virtual

Versteckt am 2003-06-29 von RestonRunner in Salaspils novads in Vidzeme (Latvia).

Von mir am 2009-10-09 gefunden und wie folgt geloggt:

Interesting place here with a background and sculptures, that make thought-provoking and me ashame as German. But that's a long time ago. I don't mean, that it should be forgotten, but that friendship between the people of both nations should get a chance.
Unfortunetely I cannot contact the owner to tell him the (obvious right) answer I found - he has not provided an e-mail address. So I think it's okay, if I log.

TFTC, Dr.Cool