Meine gefundenen Caches - Fund Nummer 6234

Swallow's nest (PRAGUE 1) (GCZ522)

Cachetyp: Multi     Schwierigkeit (D):     Geländewertung (T):     Dosengröße: Micro

Versteckt am 2006-11-05 von jarry in Hlavni mesto Praha in Hlavni mesto Praha (Czech Republic).

Von mir am 2013-09-08 gefunden und wie folgt geloggt:


Today my friends (family SEUL and Broesel1972) and me made this little multi cache in this beautiful park. I was fascinated by the stone engravings near Stage 2 - looks like a foto - nice technique.
The other Stage was found fast, so the final.

Thanks for the cache and greetings from Oberasbach near Nuremberg, Germany